COVID-19 has drastically shifted the globe and has forcibly changed how most of us live our lives, as I’m sure you are aware. Now, I do not claim to be an expert economist or anything fancy; however I have done extensive research on viruses, economic change, and some past historical events that involved deadly viruses. 
What I have discovered may be too controversial to discuss in this blog, however I wanted to turn the focus toward some things that are more within our control. The main stream news media, has long since proven to show bias with the topics they select to show their viewers. My advice there is, “Turn the TV Off.” What good will it do for you to focus your attention on the unsettling daily details of a very unfathomable circumstance. I mean let’s face it, most media outlets and political experts themselves are not even sure what is going on. The frenzy over every case and detail has begun to drive some people into a state of panic. Most of my family members as well as friends and clients have expressed their worry for the future. Like many, they are confused by the inconsistent details on every news outlet, ineffective protocols, contradictory scientific study, unreliable data, lack of testing, etc...the list goes on and on. 
We as a society have to educate ourselves. Knowledge is power. It is not the time to roll over to the demands of the media and polititions, rather a time to take individual action to protect ourselves, families and our future. ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF!

Educate yourself on your body and how our beautifully engineered organs work. How our immune system works as a natural mechanism that will protect you, if you protect it. How viruses are formed in the body, how they are contracted, and how are they cured. This is one way you can protect yourself. By educating yourself you are empowering yourself with facts, making it very easy to detect fiction. Don't leave it up to our local or international news outlets, to feed you their facts. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Use your perfectly crafted brain to learn the truth and let what is not in your control, go! With or without your stress and panic, "Whatever will be, will be." as the great Doris Day once said.
Some of us have been using this time to catch up on shows, maybe some spring cleaning, or even some family bonding fun. While all of that is great, it is also important to focus on our self development. New skills, new hobbies, new businesses, new practices (Such as meditation) etc. My opinion is; the world as we know it will not be what we remember it to be, prior to this “Pandemic.” Although this is just my prediction, my belief is once we get through this, (And we will) life will be drastically different. Our world is changing, however that doesn't have to be a bad thing. 
I believe, with change can come opportunity. If you frame your mind around the positives, rather than the negatives I.e. NEWS! You can ease some of that worry. If you are able to focus on new positive goals and productive tasks. You will actively shift the energy in the world around you. Your state of mind directly correlates with your reality. What I am trying to say is- dive into the opportunity. Take advantage of the time you have to grow! Rediscover yourself, redirect your journey, allow yourself to seize this moment and DARE TO DREAM! Don’t allow yourself to go into a dark space riddled with anxiety, hopelessness, self-pity, and any other equally poor state of being. EMPOWER YOURSELF!!!!! Even if things really are shitty at the moment, get your mind out of the funk and I promise the energy around you will follow. Nourish your body with good, healthy food. Greens, fruits healthy fats etc. Stay active, (very important) it is imperative that you get daily exercise. Read books, stimulate your mind with positive narrative, stories you can become imaginitaive in.  For example puzzles and art activities are great ways to excercise the brain on focused tasks. Meditate and pray daily, this is vital. Meditate with intention; set the energy for prosperity, well-being, love, abundance and whatever else your heart desires. Meditation has been used for many years to heal, balance, raise vibrations, focus thoughts and so much more!

Music! Music has proven to have chemical effects on our brains and frequncies. Be mindful of the music you are listening to and the messages incripted. Explore new genre's.
Another major one is, television! Everything in moderation people,It is okay to endulge in your favourite series. I know I am guilty of this, however limit yourself. Practice journaling- write down your goals, read them daily. These are all things that set a positive and healthy environment. As a result, you will raise your spiritual vibrations. Incase you didn’t know, as humans we are made up of matter and energy. The human energy field directly interacts with our mind, body and spirit. Those interactions help our bodies to communicate with itself, to perform tasks such as breathing and other bodily functions. Our bodies are constantly working for us; we hold the power to control our health and well-being. 
To conclude, a healthy state of mind and environment will be the difference between those who get through this and those who don’t. Let's be honest with ourselves; social distantcing, gloves and masks may slow the spread a bit, but this will not protect you. Take care of your health. Think positively, understand the power of your mind, body and spirit. Vibrate high and channel your intention through meditation and/or prayer. Self-explore, get to know yourself better. Take time for your mental and physical health. Those efforts combined in my opinion, are all you need. I hope this helped motivate and/or inspire you to protect yourself in a way that will make a true difference. If you already thought this way and are praticing any of these suggestions, then give yourself major credit, you're are on the right track!
Lastly, a health tip I live by, if you will indulge me for one more moment is, raw ginger. Ginger is a great natural source that is loaded with healthy benefits. 1 steeped cup a day at least will assist in keeping your immunity strong & healthy!

Thanks for reading
Asha Musial :)
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